Little India


  • Auckland CBD – Closed in 2022
  • Kingland – Closed in 2017
  • Glen Eden – Not visited

Auckland CBD

  • Closed some time in late 2022
  • Address: Ground Floor, Waldorf Celestion Hotel Apartments, 19-23 Anzac Avenue, Auckland. Map
  • Phone: (09) 366 0711
  • Web: Web page
  • Food Grade: A. Grade expires 29 July 2021. Checked on 25 May 2021 and 21 December 2020
  • Drinks:
  • Reviews: Zomato, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google+, DineOut , MenuMania.
  • Previous Visits: 27/05/2021 f, 22/12/2020 f, 6/8/2020 f, 22/8/19 f, 24/9/15 f, 6/11/14 f, 14/8/14 f, 7/11/13 f, 23/5/13 f, 25/10/12 f, 7/6/12f


  • Little India in Kingsland closed. Place renovated and opened as The Zing on 28 April 2017 which closed in Dec 2018. Raviz Kingsland is the indian restaurant that opened at the address on 29 December 2018.
  • Address: 501 New North Rd, Kingsland, Auckland.
  • Phone: (09) 845 6484
  • Web: Google | Zoomin
  • Food Grade A. Expires: 2 June 2023. Checked on 10 April 2023.
  • Reviews: DineOut , MenuMania , TripAdvisor
  • Previous Visits: 12/4/12 FB; 26 Jul 2007; 21 Sept 2006; 6 Oct 2005; 2003: 20 Nov, 8 May

Comments / Notes

  • Visit on 26 Jul 2007
    • Lin: Onion Bhaji is unusual. They have potato (mash or cubes) on the inside with onion on the outside. Perhaps like an onion croquette? Charged for poppadoms (but total bill per person came to $25). Roasted Addiction now closes at 11pm.
    • Morgan: Poppadoms were rubbish, naan was rubbish, entrees were flavourless. Main was like an OK stew, with very low quality lamb and not much coconut or richness (was lamb madras), and not so much like a good curry. They provided plenty of rice, and their lemon, lime & bitters are real not premix. Pretty average really.
    • Joel: Mains were edible and very average. When taking into account the difficulty of parking and the number of other Indian restaurants that taste better than average for the same cost, I would not recommend returning.
    • Simon: Poppadoms not to bad but cost extra, entrees below average, actual curry about average, bill lowish, service a bit below average. Good having Roasted Addiction nearby but otherwise probably not worth the trouble. 5/10
  • Visit on 21 Sep 2006
    • Lin: Service isn’t as good as before. Things take longer to arrive. eg order of Raita with Claire’s main came way after main was delivered AND had to be reminded. Also not as attentive. I ended up going to the bar to request for staff rather than wait for staff to come to our table. Perhaps they were understaffed. Parking is as bad as normal. Roasted Addiqtion closed at 10pm. Deve only served coffee (no desserts) at 10pm. Ended up at French restaurant, Bouchon for coffee and crepes instead. It was great!
  • Visit on 6 Oct 2005
    • Lin: Food: Poppadoms are not complimentary. They are $1 each. Food was quite tasty. Delicious mushrooms tandoori. Chicken Tikka was acceptable. Chicken Keema naan was quite nice. They provided a couple of bowls of raita. These were needed by a couple of people later on. Hotness: Curries here are a little hotter than most places. My medium is normally a hot elsewhere. Service: Service is good. Mains came quite quickly. Venue and Location: We had avoided this place because it had been quite noisy and drafty when we visited in previous occasions. There were also complains from those who like to walk as little as possible. No draft this time as we sat at the back, not in directly line of any wind everytime the door opened. The restaurant wasn’t crowded and I assume we were the noisy ones this time. First time we had curry at a round table. Since there were 9 of us and the table was fairly large, we did fit in. Parking: This place is a little hard to find a park if you are lazy to walk a little (or if it rains). lin
    • Simon: As expected parking was a little rough and the weather outside wasn’t fun. Inside it was pretty good. They seemed to handle the large number of people fairly well (9 around a round table) and entrees and drinks were fairly prompt. There was a good choice of currys and naans. The only fun bit was the spicyness was a notch or two higher than most other places. I guess we can compensate for it next time we go. Overall pretty good and having roasted addiction along the road is a good place for coffee afterwards.